HILLS HAVE EYES @ Estádio do Ribeiro, 2016/04/09

Originally posted in The Black Planet.


PROMETHEVS had literally warmed up the crowd, but it was HILLS HAVE EYES that made them sweaty-hot. Mostly to songs from the latest “Antebellum”, the headbanging, crowdsurfing and singing-along were non-stop. Even the ballad “Make It Right” – a song singer Fábio hoped would “bring some comfort” to everyone who had lost someone after a hard relationship – provided quite an electrifying feedback. When saying that “Anyway It’s Gone” was about being in a band, Fábio took the chance to remind us that it was the passion for music that mattered, not the genre – whether that was metalcore, thrash or even Justin Bieber. Earlier, he’d already passed along another message, just as important, which was about supporting local/national bands and keep the underground alive.


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