HOCHIMINH @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/22


Even though I liked HOCHIMINH‘s gig at Moita, I enjoyed this one a bit more – perhaps because the crowd was more receptive, resulting in a warmer atmosphere. Whatever the reason, this was finer.

Singer Skrato‘s funny remarks also helped, starting off with the way he dealt with a geographical mistake; he first addressed the audience saying that it was the first time HOCHIMINH were playing in Minho, but Paços de Ferreira isn’t that far north – it still belongs to the district of Porto, meaning it’s located in the Douro Litoral province, not Minho.  He excused himself by saying that being from Alentejo (south of Portugal), everything up north felt like Minho. :D And later on he would say that back home they had a flock of sheep that would mosh really hard to the following song (I believe it was “Way Of Retain”) and so he dared us to do better.

They played a cover of DEPECHE MODE‘s “Enjoy The Silence”, with the crowd’s help in the chorus, and then it was HILLS HAVE EYESFábio that gave a proper helping hand – voice, to be more accurate – in “Reload”.


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