TALES FOR THE UNSPOKEN @ Moita Metal Fest, 2014/03/29

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A little bit of thrash, a little bit of death, a little bit of ‘core… yeah, “metal” is the most pragmatic choice when it comes to describe TALES FOR THE UNSPOKEN. Also the African and Brazilian heritage of some of the members spice up the writing formula and the outcome is pretty powerful. Especially live.

Their debut and only album so far, “Alchemy”, is already three years old (released through the British label Casket Music) but they’re currently working on its successor, which will have the Portuguese Raising Legends stamp this time. And as MMF is the underground fest they most respect, they chose to play one of those new songs, “Soul For A Soul”, for the first time ever – singer Marco warning that there would probably be lots of slips but “it’s heavy metal, fuck it” (he curses A LOT, by the way :XD:).

They finished the set with “N’Takuba Wena” thanking the crowd, Mosher clothing, the promoters (the “brothers” in SWITCHTENSE) and EQUALEFT, for lending them the amps. “Don’t miss them, they’re playing next – that’s why they’re here listening to this shit”. Ha ha!


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