DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE @ Moita Metal Fest, 2014/03/29

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Groovy thrash is DIABOLICAL MENTAL STATE flavour, although the groove part gets somewhat undermined live, given the blasting force of their performance. It was the first time I was seeing them, but I’ve heard of them before, and the rumours were true – these kids are great.

Like many bands, they’ve had a few setbacks in the beginning – a.k.a. line-up changes – which delayed (but didn’t stop) their progress. They finally had their live debut last year and have been hitting the stage on a regular basis, in addition to some studio work: the EP “Basic Social Control” should be released shortly, featuring what promise to become big hits “Warfare” and “The Village”Dice from hardcore band STEAL YOUR CROWN got on stage to help Fanã sing a song, but I don’t know which one, sorry.



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