HELLSHOCK @ Hard Club, 2013/09/29

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.

_DSC0238_Boa noite, we are HELLSHOCK from Portland, Oregon”, said singer Joel before the half-crust, half-death metal band started playing “Darkness Will Endure”. Most people were still outside, getting some fresh air, so Joel would repeat that same greeting by the end of the second song, “Low Men In Yellow Cloaks”, after jumping into the middle of the audience (“feels much better now”) and staying there for the rest of the show. The crowd, appreciating Joel‘s closeness, got more enthusiastic, even though it was clear that many didn’t know the band’s work.

Joel introduced “The Masquerade” as an old song (“you might know this one”), although truthfully the more recent ones were were 4 years old.

The band went backstage after “Stray” – leaving Joel behind, crouching in the middle of the fans – returning for an encore which the singer announced as a 2-piece, but in the end was three: “Dead Lights”, “Enemy Within” and “Olympus” – the latter an old one for real, as it was featured on the first demo “Ghosts Of The Past” (2001).





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