DEMENTIA 13 @ Hard Club, 2013/09/29

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.

00Although somewhat misplaced in terms of musical genre, DEMENTIA 13 convinced even those outside the group of fans that was there supporting them that afternoon. Starting off with “The Damned, The Dead And The Demented”, a song that’s not included in the EP “Tales For The Carnivorous” but which they’ve been playing live, the band’s quality was undoubtable. The experience also counts – despite being formed in late 2010, let’s not forget that every member has been around for years – and it was precisely that savvy that allowed them to play such a concert, their second in 16 hours. Guitarist Álvaro confessed that they were all burnt out from the gig the night before and the trip back home, but truthfully no one could tell. And it was also him who later remembered that they were “still from the days” where that kind of concerts was frequent, with death, thrash and grind all together.

They dedicated to everyone – bands included – GANGRENA‘s cover “Nuclear Blast” and finished with the track to which they made a video recently, “Brotherhood Of The Flesh”.



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