WEB @ Vagos Open Air, 2013/08/10

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.

00» The second day wasn’t as diverse, focusing in thrash and power metal – even if WEB‘s thrash isn’t the purest and its variations are precisely what makes them unique. They’ve been gathering a lot of fans along their +25-year-old career, especially in the last few years, as they’ve increased the number of live shows and released the long awaited – and excellent – second album “Deviance” (2011). The invitation for this year’s Vagos Open Air was more than deserved and their performance certainly convinced the most skeptical.

The intro was part of “The Journey”, leading then to “Life Aggression”. It didn’t take long for the security guys to be alert to the moshers and have their hands full with the crowdsurfers. Fernando Martins asked the crowd to sing along the chorus in “Mortal Soul”, but that was probably going to happen even if he didn’t ask.

Somewhere between “Awake”, “(In)Sanity” and “Beautiful Obsession”, the singer/bass player thanked the promoters and everyone that had come to see us, and the band said farewell with the usual “If Only There Was Light”, with the instrumental part of “As We Crawl” serving as outro. Very good indeed! «



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