SECRET LIE @ Vagos Open Air, 2013/08/09

Original Portuguese version at Sound(/)Zone.

00» Despite all “controversy” due SECRET LIE‘s participation, the general reaction of the public wasn’t that bad. And unlike previous years, where there’s not many people watching the first band in the first day, the place was actually pretty packed.

The opening was instrumental, a song written by violinist Pedro Teixeira Silva, and this could belong to a metal band. But with “Sweet Sadness” emerges the true light/alternative nature of the band, out of place in such a metal-spirited festival. The guitar solo and the Vivaldi act gave more weight to the show and cheered the crowd, giving way to a better acceptance than what was expected at first. To bear in mind also the quality of the musicians in SECRET LIE, in terms of both performance and stage at-easiness. Only singer Sara Madeira needs to look a bit more forward, towards the audience, instead of her band mates.

“Purify” and “Blackout” were some of the other tracks of that afternoon, “Little Taste Of Fun” left to last. Guitarist Tó Pica made justice to the title, rising a sign from a fan who was asking him for a pick.  said that while growing up thinking of becoming a rock star, he’d always wanted to hear “, get me pregnant!“. Being there with a sign asking for a pick was just as good – but his biggest dream was still hearing “, get me pregnant!“. «

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