WEB @ Moita Metal Fest, 2013/03/23

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» Moita Metal Fest and the upcoming release party of Dementia 13’s EP mark the two last shows of WEB’s Deviant tour – even though there’s no talking of a new album yet. “Life Aggression” still opens the set, and “If Only There Was Light” still ends it, as it’s been in the rest of the tour. In-between, the chorus of “Mortal Soul” was screamed at the top of their lungs by the majority of the audience, “Resilient Casket” was dedicated to Tiago, son of the original singer David Duarte (R.I.P.), who turned 18 that day, and a fan got his wish granted when he asked for “(In)Sanity” (although I think that song was already set to be played next). It was the first time I’ve seen guitarist Filipe so loose, jumping around, and I’ve seen Web A LOT in the past 17 years. He’d extracted his wisdom teeth that week and we joked around, saying that was the reason for him being “wilder” on stage. But the truth was that he had just bought a wireless device for his guitar. «



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