REVOLUTION WITHIN @ Moita Metal Fest, 2013/03/23

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» Another of the underground finest – Revolution Within. Raising hell with songs from both of their albums, “Collision” and the more recent“Straight From Within”, the boys from Santa Maria da Feira put up a thrash & core party like there was no tomorrow. Two cellphones were found and delivered to singer Raça, not at all a surprise, given the violence of the mosh pits, but remarkable how they returned to their rightful owners unbroken… The wall of death was also a beautiful moment. And as expected, Hugo Andrade from Switchtense helped singing “Pull The Trigger”, whose studio version also features him as a guest. As soon as he got on stage he laughed, telling Raça that he had said more “caralhos” than himself. “Caralho” is one of those vulgar words that can bear either positive or offensive meanings – like the English “f***ing”. And both Raça and Hugo are famous for using that word a lot on stage (in a positive way, of course). «


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