OMISSION @ Moita Metal Fest, 2013/03/23

Originally posted in Valkyrian Music.

» t’s not the first time that Moita Metal Fest welcomes foreign bands (German Dew-Scented and Contradiction having played in previous editions) and this year Spanish Omission were “the guests”. In full gear, a.k.a. long hair, leather, spikes and bullets, you knew what to expect even before their speedy thrash echoed. The pentagrams and makeup – not quite corpse painting, but close – also gave away the hints of black, but which only the lyrical theme is present (“Satanic Feelings”, which they played close to the end, being the most evident fact of it). The title of their first full-length, “Thrash Metal Is Violence”, translates the effect of their show… Singer Patillas, torn between the fact of playing in a foreign country and that Spanish and Portuguese are very similar, addressed to the crowd in both languages, to the point of saying “Thank you por tudo” at some point. Funny. «


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