ZICO CHAIN @ Hard Club, 2013/02/21

Original Portuguese version in Backstage Music.

» After the first gig ever at Motoclube de Faro the previous night, BRITISH LION, the other band of IRON MAIDEN‘s charismatic bass player Steve Harris, headed north to introduce us their self-titled debut album.

The also British ZICO CHAIN were in charge of the first part of the show, a rock band that even though is not very known around here, has been around for more than seven years. At the moment they’re promoting their second full-length, “The Devil In Your Heart”, and the Portuguese crowd – plus several Spaniards – let themselves be carried away by the contagious energy of this trio, especially of drummer Oli Middleton, who was constantly encouraging loud “hey”s. And those who still weren’t convinced of his good spirits, they certainly were after an improvised and amusing drum solo, which deserved a true ovation.

Also in the “ooohh-ooooooh” of “Mercury Girl” the crowd sang along fiercely, although as I’ve said before, this was probably the first time most of them were listening to such song. “The Real Life”, “New Romantic”, “Case #44PQ_110807” or “Where Would You Rather Be?” also left everybody satisfied, on and off the stage – the ones who were watching for the excellent gig, the ones who were playing for the warm welcome in a city they were visiting for the first time. «



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