BRITISH LION @ Hard Club, 2013/02/21

Original Portuguese version in Backstage Music.

» It’s not very common for a band with just one album released to go on tour as headliners. But it’s also not very common that a band with just a few months of existence manages to have half Hard Club anxious to see it. As much as one wants to respect BRITISH LION for themselves, it’s almost impossible not to see them as “Steve Harris solo band”.

Singer Richard Taylor thanked everyone for being there that nigth, especially since they’d never seen them before or even heard those songs until a few months back – even though they, band members, were long-time friends.

As he usually does in IRON MAIDEN, Steve Harris sang along the lyrics to every song, but without a microphone – guitarists Grahame Leslie and David Hawkins, the first jumping around and smiling throughout the whole show, were the ones in charge of the “official” backing vocals.

Generally speaking, BRITISH LION is a hard rock band with the bass lines of IRON MAIDEN. Those who were counting on a heavy metal band, especially having in mind the likes of IRON MAIDEN, might have been disappointed. But for what the band really is – hard rock – I’d say they were good. And given the reaction of the fans, I’d say the majority agrees with me.

They played the whole album, starting with “This Is My God” and finishing with “Eyes Of The Young”, four new songs – “Father Lucifer”, “Guineas And Crowns”, “The Burning” and “Last Chance” – plus two covers, “Do You Want It” and “Let It Roll”. A night well spent, and certainly one of the few chances of Harris‘ fans to see him that close. «


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