SWITCHTENSE @ “10 Unbreakable Years” release party, 2013/02/15

Originally written for Sound(/)Zone.

» The time had come for hosts SWITHTENSE to go on stage. And how they did so! With everybody helping, “Face Off” made Hard Club tremble. Hugo then spoke about the reason for that concert and what an honour it was to celebrate that CD/DVD release there in Porto. He also mentioned the bustle it was to put up a gig, to make everything go right, but in the end it was worth it, to experience that gathering of people who really like what they’re doing and go out in support of the underground. And the others, the ones who stay home “trashtalking on the internet”, were to be ignored.

 “State Of Resignation”, “Into The Words Of Chaos” or “Unbreakable” are just a few of the titles in what was a true hit parade. And even the two most recent tracks, also featured in this new work, were sung along word by word (or shout by shout, to be more precise) – “The Right Track” (in which Hugo said it was nights like those that proved they were “on the right track” regarding what they wanted of their lives) and “Ghost Of Past” (about the hard times  we’re going through and the governmental mistakes of the past 30 years – don’t stay home on election day, because it’s we who put “them” there).

Someone screamed “wall of death!” to which Hugo replied “if you want to do it, do it – I just want you to have fun”. But without someone calling the shots, the wall didn’t happen. But a stage invasion in the end was unavoidable, in a concert whose only flaw was being so short. «



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