WISDOM @ Hard Club, 2012/10/06

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» Hungarian Wisdom was the first band setting foot on stage and they did it on schedule. Frankly, I hadn’t heard about them until the bill was first announced, and I also confess I didn’t check them out: I was totally in the dark regarding them.

Seems that I wasn’t the only one, but they weren’t completely unknown either, as I heard a few voices singing along. And the rest of us were soon carried away by their straight-forward power metal and lively performance.

Especially after the third song, which was a cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years”. I think that’s the smartest thing to do – if the crowd doesn’t know your songs, play something they do know and they’ll pay more attention from that moment on.

Every time singer Gábor Nagy asked us to scream or clap our hands, we gladly did so – the band was warmly welcomed here. From their original songs, I highlight “Heaven And Hell”, “Wisdom” (“a song about ourselves”) and the last one “Judas”. «


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