ELUVEITIE @ Hard Club, 2012/10/06

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» Two months after Vagos Open Air, Eluveitie were back in Portugal. Chrigel Glanzmann had said at the festival that it was good to be back in our “beautiful country”. Now he changed it to “it’s good to be back in your beautiful city” (they’d played in Porto in 2009, with Emergency Gate, Caliban and Kreator).

As Sabaton’s drumkit was already set up, and this was the smaller room of the venue, I was wondering if they all would fit on stage. So I don’t know if bagpiper Patrick Kristler’s absence that night was due logistic matters or if he’s missing out the whole tour.

Another line-up change, this one permanent, was Rafael Salzmann, replacing Simeon Koch in the lead guitar. Sime left the band in September, so this is Rafael’s first tour with Eluveitie. Thus, his first time in Portugal and Chrigel wanted us to show him “the crazy motherfuckers” we were in terms of loving folk and metal in general. As if there was any need to ask for it… The crowd was restless through and through, moshing, yelling, singing, clapping hands and raising fists in the air. Not even in “A Rose For Epona” did they slow down. And “Inis Mona” was probably heard across the street. Once again, it was “Havoc” which finished the set. «


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