Interview with JYRKI 69

Originally done for HINTF

With the release of “X” and all the fuss around it, Jyrki 69 still found a few minutes to talk to us, for which we are thankful. It was like this:

HINTF: The first question is obviously about “X”. I saw both trailers on Nuclear Blast‘s Youtube channel and I was intrigued when you said this was “The 69 Eyes pop-album” – especially when right afterwards, we hear a few seconds of such a rock song like “Love Runs  Away”…?

Jyrki 69: It represents The 69 Eyes as their most melodic ever. Beautiful songs and haunting melodies. Catchy hooks and killer guitars.

HINTF: Is it called “X” just because it’s your 10th album of originals or has it any ulterior motive?

Jyrki 69: “X” is also a symbol of mystery/unknown. And also a kiss in the end of the text message.

HINTF: What does Sweden have that made you feel it would provide the best vibe to create this album?

Jyrki 69: This album was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and the producers were Swedish (On The Verge team). As we Finns know our melancholy in music, Swedes know their melodies. On this album we’re mixing them both together to make more memorable tunes and larger-than-life songs! Sweden symbolizes a certain high quality when it comes to song writing and music making. Whether it’s Peter Tätgren at his Abyss studios or ABBA!

HINTF: You also said this was the best album you’ve ever done. So I presume it was hard to pick up one song only to make it the first single. Why was “Red” the chosen one?

Jyrki 69: That really was! Our record company chose “Red” which was a surprise for us actually. They thought that to be a perfect for the radio and surely it was! By the time of writing this, it has been number 6 on the Finnish radio charts – that’s amazing. It’s a great song to play live too.

HINTF: Still about “Red”, I saw the video on Youtube but it was soon removed – and in fact, I hadn’t seen it on the band’s channel or the label’s, so it was obviously a leak. Any idea when it’s going to be officially available for public eye?

Jyrki 69: The video was just finalized recently. We got ELVIRA, the Mistress Of The Dark, to introduce the video for the public on FANGORIA magazine’s website ( That’s the coolest thing EVER!

HINTF: You created a Pledge Music Project, in which the signed cd + dvd sold out as fast as the wind! How did that come up?

Jyrki 69: We just wanted to make it possible to order the album to the countries it wasn’t released. As well as get it signed by us.

HINTF: Speaking of the dvd, what will see on it?

Jyrki 69: It has an hour long documentary of The 69 Eyes‘ relationship with Stockholm, ever since the early 90’s to the present day. It’s a really cool rock’n’roll documentary and features our Swedish rocker friends from BACKYARD BABIES, CRASHDIET, GEMINI FIVE etc.

HINTF: There’s also the first of three comic books about the band… Without being too much of a spoiler, can you tell us the storyline of it?

Jyrki 69: It tells the “true” story of the Helsinki Vampires, starting in the 18th century Sweden-Finland kingdom…

HINTF: I saw an article that showed the cover and I could read the names of the writers and illustrators. I was surprised you weren’t one of them (in 2006 Jyrki released a comic book called “Zombie Love”). Why didn’t you take part in it?

Jyrki 69: I haven’t even thought about that!

HINTF: Last year you teamed up with Hardcore Superstar and Crashdïet which for many (me included) was a dream-team line-up. Is there any plans for the first tour supporting “X” – dates, bands… ?

Jyrki 69: We’re going to tour in Finland with BABY JANE, the Swedish fist-fight-glam band, maybe in Europe with WILDSTREET from New York City…

HINTF: Last question, just out of curiosity – being known as “The Helsinki Vampires”, what did you think of this popularisation of vampires that Stephanie Meyer started up?

Jyrki 69: Who’s that?

Ah ah! Once again, thank you, and all the best for The 69 Eyes‘ future!

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5 Responses to Interview with JYRKI 69

  1. kantellis says:

    so cool you did this interview!!! lucky you! *huge hugs*

    i really love the answer for last question ^^
    good interview, although, it seems jyrki was less talkative than he normally is

    • Pieni says:

      Ah ah! It’s my favourite too xD That and the fact that “X” is also a kiss in a text message, lol.

      It was an e-mail interview. The label told the webzine that Jyrki would be available that weekend, so I sent the questions on a wednesday. But the answers came back almost 3 weeks later! Like I said in the introduction, he’s probably way too busy with the “X” release and must have dozens of interviews to make. Better save the big replies for tv, radio and printed magazines 😉

      • kantellis says:

        yeah, about “x” i read in a magazine already ^^ kind of cute ^^ i’d never think of that! ^^

        3 weeks?! my, that’s long! ^^ still, it’s nice that he remembered to answer. i always do forget about mails if i don’t reply right away…

  2. oh gods.. laughed so hard when read that Jyrki asked who stephanie meyers was.. i actually had to look up who she as and when I seen she was one wrote Twilight series i laughed even harder.. as many of us say.. Vampires don’t sparkle-rofl-All in all i enjoyed reading the interview though.. I read all about Jyrki and 69 Eyes where and when i can.. May you walk in the night with no fear.

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