Revisited: TESTAMENT @ Priest Feast, 2009/03/17

Even though JUDAS PRIEST + MEGADETH + TESTAMENT was quite a classy line-up, I still think it wasn’t fair that such a successful 23-year-old (at the time) band as TESTAMENT got to play for just 45 minutes. It was an awesome show, of course, but short.

No photopass, hence the doubtful quality of most of the pics and the lack of different angles and shots of Eric Peterson and Paul Bostaph. Sorry ’bout that. :P

Started with “Over The Wall”, finished with the title track of the latest album back then, “The Formation Of Damnation”, “Souls Of Black” and “Practice What You Preach” hitting the headbanging and mosh highest peaks.

They’d been playing “Into The Pit” in the rest of the tour, but for some reason, they exchanged it for “Electric Crown” in Lisbon. Many were disappointed, but I was thrilled. “Electric Crown” was the first TESTAMENT song I’ve heard and it will always be special for me.  :)

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