SOROR DOLOROSA @ Hard Club, 2012/02/14

Original Portuguese version here:

» Given the fame the French have of being the most romantic people, nothing more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than to attend a concert of three bands from that country.

I’ve been somewhat estranged from the gothic and darkwave scene, so I didn’t know SOROR DOLOROSA at all. The same didn’t happen with a big part of the audience who almost sold out Room #2 of Hard Club, clapping their hands feverishly at the end of every song. That fever raised progressively, so I assume that even those who didn’t know the band were enjoying what they were seeing/listening to. Personally, I was really glad to see there’s still talended “fresh blood” in this field.

Formed in 2001 in Toulouse, they split up four years later, only to reappear in 2007 with the current line-up and identity. In 2009 it was released the first EP, “Severance”, from which we heard “Beau Suicide” and “43 Degrees”, and in 2001 the debut album “Blind Scenes”, that they’re promoting in this tour. “Autumn Wounds”, “Crystal Lane” and the brilliant “Low End” were some of the songs performed.

Singer Andy Julia said the band had strolled through the city and it was beautiful, the people were kind and the food very good. And that we, the crowd, were excellent. «

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2 Responses to SOROR DOLOROSA @ Hard Club, 2012/02/14

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    The Drummer´s photos are the best 🙂 .yeahhhhh weird but cool .
    It´s hard to photograph drummers, so here you´ve taken a few
    cheeerss Pieni 🙂

    • Pieni says:

      You know how I love challenges, ah ah. I always try to take pics of drummers – even though they are mostly hidden, they ARE there and make part of it all. It’s not always easy, but when I have the chance, I don’t waste it 😉

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