LES DISCRETS @ Hard Club, 2012/02/14

Original Portuguese version here: http://www.backstageforum.com/t4670-reportagem-alcest-les-discrets-soror-dolorosa-14-02-2012-hard-club

» Those who knew LES DISCRETS may have been slightly confused, as Audrey Hadorn was nowhere to be seen, nor any other woman, and two more members of the headliners besides drummer Winterhalter (officially in both bands) took their places to perform – Pierre “Zero” on the guitar and Neige on the bass.

Audrey‘s voice was replaced by guitarist and frontman Fursy Teyssier, with Zero backing him up. I don’t know the reason behind Audrey‘s absence, but I read in some interview Fursey saying that she wouldn’t be back on stage so soon – and since she’s still listed as a member on their official website, I presume this is not a permanent situation (or not at the moment, at least).

After a split EP precisely with ALCEST (Fursey and Neige are childhood friends), in 2009, the debut album “Septembre et Ses Derniéres Pensées” was released the following year. From this album we could hear, among others, “Les Feuilles de l’Olivier” and “Song For Mountains”.

The second full-length is scheduled to be released this month, called “Ariettes Oubliées”, and they introduced to us “Le Movement Perpétuel” (which had already been published in another split, this time with ARCTIC PLATEAU) and “La Nuit Muette”.

Also Fursy complimented our city, its people and the food, and thanked countless times our presence and the way we welcomed them. “Fantastic” was the adjective he used and I believe we felt the same regarding the concert. «


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2 Responses to LES DISCRETS @ Hard Club, 2012/02/14

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Great drummer´s Photos again 🙂 ahahah

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