Revisited: DOPE STARS INC. @ Sala Salamandra, 2007/06/09

4 years ago I flew to Barcelona to see a concert. What’s new, you might be thinking? Well, first, it wasn’t a metal concert. Second, I had left the hospital just 2 weeks before, after breaking my left knee. Some people say I’m crazy, but most of them admire my bravery and persistance. I admit it was a bit nuts travelling with the crutches, but it lightened up my ego, which was in a pretty bad shape back then. Nothing like that “I made it!” kind of feeling to make you believe that things will be alright again.

It was also my first photo/press pass ever, at the service of Elegy Ibérica Magazine. Not my best, I know, but that night meant a lot to me.

» It was past ten when a looping of the first chords of “Beatcrusher” announced DOPE STARS INC.. “Make A Star” woke Salamandra up and from here it was really hard to distinguish the highest spot of the night.

LaNuit cheered the audience with rock star poses, while Alex did it with smiles. And if Victor is a restless frontman, Darin is simply unstoppable. Less flashy is Noras (especially for those who remember Grace Khold) but just as talented. The Italians played one hour and a half of adrenaline which ended with “Defcon 5” and a surprising cover of MOTÖRHEAD‘s “Ace Of Spades”. Unforgettable. «


  1. Beatcrusher
  2. Rebel Riot
  3. Make A Star
  4. Vyperpunk
  5. Play ‘N’ Kill
  6. Can You Imagine
  7. Bang Your Head
  8. 10.000 Watts / Infection 13
  9. Citizen XT99
  10. Lost
  11. Tetha Titanium
  12. Generation Plastic
  13. Self Destruction Corp.
  14. Defcon 5
  15. Ace Of Spades


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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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4 Responses to Revisited: DOPE STARS INC. @ Sala Salamandra, 2007/06/09

  1. kantellis says:

    i just love their fashion style ^^ especially darin’s ^^
    you know, i saw them once, by accident, when i was on amphi festival. they were the best surprise for me than and i was really astonished that i actually liked their music, so different from what i listen to.
    and i’m very much surprised that you like them as well ^^
    i would very much like to see them again, even though i really liked grace there ^^

    • Pieni says:

      Ah ah! I was suprised myself to realize I liked them! I think it’s because of the guitars 😉 It’s not just some dance-industrial band. And I love Darin too *giggles*
      I found them because Deathstars made a remix of one of their songs, “Vyperpunk”, which is actually one of my favourite ^^

      The “21st Century Slave” didn’t impress me much, though, and “Ultrawired” I haven’t even heard yet…

      • kantellis says:

        they have another album?!?! oh my, are they so fast or was it so long ago they released “21st Century Slave” (which i really like btw ^^)?
        lol, the remix sounds like they’d add drums there ^^ but i think i prefer their more electronic original ^^
        when i saw them live (not knowing at all who they were) i remember before one song victor asked the audience to shout “theta titanium” in the chorus and i was like “WTF was that?!” through the whole song ^^ than i came to love this song ^^

      • Pieni says:

        Girl, you need to get a Facebook account soon so you can be up-to-date with all this info 😀

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