Revisited: JESUS ON EXTASY @ Sala Salamandra, 2007/06/09

4 years ago I flew to Barcelona to see a concert. What’s new, you might be thinking? Well, first, it wasn’t a metal concert. Second, I had left the hospital just 2 weeks before, after breaking my left knee. Some people say I’m crazy, but most of them admire my bravery and persistance. I admit it was a bit nuts travelling with the crutches, but it lightened up my ego, which was in a pretty bad shape back then. Nothing like that “I made it!” kind of feeling to make you believe that things will be alright again.

It was also my first photo/press pass ever, at the service of Elegy Ibérica Magazine. Not my best, I know, but that night meant a lot to me.

» It was 21:00 when “Drowning” echoed. The slightest disappointment for so little crowd (there were barely 20 people) soon vanished and JESUS ON EXTASY introduced all their debut album, “Holy Beauty”, as if they were in a sold-out arena. The audience (who meanwhile had doubled) also ended up surrending to the boys’ charisma and the girls’ sensuality. whose energy was touchable even in softer songs like “Alone” and “Reach Out”. “Neochrome” marked the highlight and the end of the Germans’ (and American’s) performance. «


  1. Intro / Drowning
  2. Nuclear Bitch
  3. Assassinate Me
  4. Alone
  5. Nowhere Girl
  6. Holy Beauty
  7. Second Skin
  8. Puppet
  9. Reach Out
  10. Neochrome

In the end I talked a bit with Dorian and Chai, and the guy from the merch took us a picture:

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2 Responses to Revisited: JESUS ON EXTASY @ Sala Salamandra, 2007/06/09

  1. Dorian says:

    Good times, remember you with the crutches. Hope the knee is well by now.

    • Pieni says:

      Hey you!!!
      Well, it never got 100%, but it’s safe to say it got some 97% recovered 😉 And it doesn’t hurt anymore, so I’m okay with that 97%
      What you’re up to these days? Hope everything’s fine!

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