AOSOTH @ Hard Club, 2011/03/03

The Death Holy Death tour hit Portugal in Corroios and Porto. I’m not a big fan of black metal in general, but WATAIN delivers an awesome live show and I didn’t want to miss it, especially in my hometown. I was also curious about SHINING, as they put a lot of melody between the rage and aggression of their music.

French AOSOTH was the only one I’ve never heard about before. And soon I understood why: it’s simply not my thing. Typical black metal, with old-fashion corpse painting and really fast riffs – too fast for my personal taste. At least MkM, the singer, moved a bit, instead of standing in front of the mic and trying to look badass while screaming his lungs out.

About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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