Revisited: DEATHSTARS @ Sala Caracol, 2009/02/27

In addition to the previous post 😉

4th time I was seeing DEATHSTARS, 1st as headliners. It took me 8 years to see them like that, but it was worth it 🙂

The crowd was loud and insane. The flashes exploded all the time, ruining my vision and many of my own pics, but who cares? I had a blast :D (Big Grin)

Even though “night electric night” had been released just a month before, we all knew the lyrics to the new songs and sang along throughout the whole show.

I can’t remember which song Whiplasher introduced by starting to say he’d had a conversation with sangria (yeah, the beverage) that afternoon, but I do remember him giving the setlist to a blond girl and asking her to read the title of the song they would play next. As you’re probably guessing, it was “blood stains blondes”. He then asked her how she felt about that and the poor girl just stared at him, completely lost :D (Big Grin)

It’s not common for a band with more than an album out to end their show with the newest hit-single. But DEATHSTARS isn’t a common band, eller? 😉 Whiplasher said something about Madrid having “never seen anything like this before” and “death dies hard” was on.

Here’s the complete setlist:

  • night electric night
  • motherzone
  • semi-automatic
  • mark of the gun
  • tongues
  • the last ammunition
  • the fuel ignites
  • new dead nation
  • trinity fields
  • Chertograd
  • blitzkrieg
  • blood stains blondes
  • cyanide


  • synthetic generation
  • death dies hard

Note: pic 19 is expressly for my dear friend Chris Devilish

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