SHINING @ Hard Club, 2011/03/03

I’ve heard a lot about SHINING, mostly on their controversial attitude, I must admit. But I’ve also heard about their untypical black metal and great presence on stage, and that’s what made me want to see them.

I don’t know their discography, so I can’t say which songs they played that night. Niklas introduced some of them, but I honestly didn’t memorize the titles. Although I’m pretty sure he said something about the first album at some point.

So I also can’t tell you which was the song that he interrupted because he was “fucked up in the head” and started to play another one. No one seemed to mind. In fact, some even applauded.

And despite all the “bad reputation”, Niklas was very nice. He even said we were being a lot better than Lisbon had been the night before, and thanked us for it. The only sign of provocation was when he kissed bassist Christian, but once again, no one seemed to care.

Amazing show!

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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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