Revisited: SONIC SYNDICATE @ Sala Caracol, 2009/02/27

MySpace deleted my older blog posts and this was one of them, but I still remember the gig very well so I can describe it again. Plus, I’m including a lot more photos than I did back then ūüėČ

Exactly 2 years ago, I saw for the first time what would become my current favourite band. And there were a couple of other “firsts” that day: first time seeing DEATHSTARS as headliners, and first time travelling to the country of “nuestros hermanos” to see a gig all by myself.

When SONIC SYNDICATE signed with Nuclear Blast and got all that attention, I was obviously curious. But I work by phases, and at the time I was in a no-growling-voices phase – yeah, that coming from someone who had CHILDREN OF BODOM on her top-5 bands… I’m weird, I know. Anyway, I checked their MySpace and I was enjoying the music until Richard or Roland (can’t remember which song it was) started to scream/growl. I immediately gave up on them and didn’t even realize there were clean vocals at some point.

But in late 2008 there was this power-ballad with huge airplay at Bandit Radio. I’m a sucker for ballads and when I finally believed the band was SONIC SYNDICATE (’cause I was really doubting it), I decided to give them another chance. Almost at the same time, Nuclear Blast announced they would co-headline a tour – DeathSyndicate tour – with DEATHSTARS, which was (and is) another one of my top bands. So whether I liked it or not, I was going to see SONIC as well, so it was time to listen more carefully to what these guys and gal were doing. In a couple of days, SONIC SYNDICATE was all I was listening to Love

As I was getting pretty anxious in the hotel room, and wanted to get a good spot in the front, I soon headed to the venue. Of course dozens of other fans – DEATHSTARS fans – had thought the same and the line was already long. I was wondering if I was the only one there for both bands, until I glimpsed a few SONIC shirts and jackets. And though the majority was DEATHSTARS, the audience reacted very well to SONIC. They even sang all the choruses, and here and there were people singing along the whole song.

Some screamed for “my escape”, and even though I would have loved it myself, deep inside I knew they wouldn’t do it – they had already played “contradiction” and a band like this doesn’t play two ballads in the same show.

This was the last proof, their “trial by fire” regarding my opinion on them and they made it brilliantly. In the end I met Karin, Richard and Roger and they¬†showed they were such as nice and cool¬†offstage as they were on it.

Here’s the setlist:

  • encaged
  • jailbreak
  • flashback
  • denied
  • aftermath
  • powershift
  • red eyed friend
  • contradiction
  • prelude to extinction
  • fallout
  • Jack of Diamonds


  • psychic suicide
  • blue eyed fiend

And here are the pics:

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