Revisited: OVERKILL @ AlternaVigo, 2008/08/09

One of the things I most regret missing was the OVERKILL + ANNIHILATOR gig at Hard Club, back in 2000. But what is undone is undone and there was no way I would pass this chance, 8 years later, to catch up with OVERKILL.

Plus, I was working with the magazine Elegy Ibérica at the time and it was one of the supporters of the event. So I got a photopass :D I’d gotten a few before, but they’ve all been in small venues where I had to shoot from the audience. This was my first time in a photopit Love

OVERKILL always stood out among the other thrash bands I listen to because of the bass. D.D. Verni makes sure that his sound doesn’t get lost under the guitars and I love that! Also that raspy voice of Bobby‘s fits the aggression of their music perfectly.

The gig was absolutely AMAZING! At 49 and after suffering a stroke, Bobby rocked that stage as many 20-year-old kids only wished they could. I went ballistic when the intro of “bastard nation” began (it will always be my favorite) and the finale was obviously “fuck you”. I can’t remember much of the other titles, but the power in them, that I will never forget 🙂

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