Revisited: PLAN THREE @ Bandit All Ages, 2010/04/24

I’m importing some of my favorite posts from my old blog at MySpace.

» I started listening to Bandit in the fall of 2008. GEMINI FIVE were asking to vote for their song “scream 4 me”, to get more airplay, and that’s how I found this radio station. It soon became my loyal company at work.

They used to play a lot this catchy rocky song named “triggers”, which at some point I already turned the speakers louder at and sang along. But “I like my music hard” (:D) and “triggers” wasn’t hard enough. On the other hand, though, I’m a sucker for good ballads. And when those same guys, PLAN THREE, released “still broken”, they completely won me over. Only then did I check them out and realized their bass player was Peter Kjellin, my favorite voice/host at Bandit! Coolt, eller? 8-) (Cool)

After listening to “brush it off” and “freak show”, I decided that “Screaming Our Sins” should be part of my cd collection. Power melodies, deep lyrics… so much different from what I usually listen to, and still I simply loved it 🙂 I got really curious about how a concert of this nature would be and I put them on my “bands-to-see-at-least-once-before-I-die” list. And then Bandit All Ages came up :D (Big Grin)

It was probably the most melodic band of the night, but also one of the most vivid and powerful. A little intro and “triggers” was just that – the audience exploded right on the first song 🙂 The hands waving in the air were constant through the whole show, even during the ballads “still broken” (which had its chorus sang loudly by everybody), “brush it off” and “what have you done”. “Save me”, “the collision” and “freak show” had an amazing rock performance, as well as the final “the common divided”. Trust me – once is not enough and I really really want to see these guys again 😉 «

Check them out at

The setlist:

– triggers
– save me
– still broken
– the collision
– freak show
– brush it off
– what have you done
– whatever the reason
– be still my heart
– the common divided

And the pics:

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