DEAD BY APRIL “stronger”

Original Portuguese version here:

“Stronger” is a treat for DEAD BY APRIL fans. While they’re recording the successor to their self-titled debut album, “Stronger” comes out as a compilation of remixes, bonuses, acoustic versions and also a little preview of what should be the next work.

I admit I was a bit disappointed with the “2011 mixes” of “Trapped”, “Angels Of Clarity” and “Stronger”. I thought they would include Zandro Santiago’s voice, the second singer who joined forces with the band last year, but no. They’re just new mixes of the same material used before, apparently more focused on the guitars, but to be honest, I didn’t notice much difference, if any.

“Leaves Falling” and the power ballad “My Saviour” lost their status of “UK bonus track” and were included on this album. The same didn’t happen with the alternative version of “Losing You”, which remais an exclusive of the British edition of “Dead By April”. Fair enough.

“Love Like Blood” is an original by KILLING JOKE, from 1982, which DEAD BY APRIL shortened and “modernized”. Last year, the English band celebrated the 30th anniversary of their first album by releasing a new one, “Absolute Dissent”, with the original line-up. This album had a double deluxe edition, the second cd being a kind of homage, with several bands making KILLING JOKE covers. “Love Like Blood” by DEAD BY APRIL was one of them, being taken later on for “Stronger”.

Another remix of “Angels Of Clarity”, this time by the hand of Shawn “Clown” Crahan of SLIPKNOT. A more electronic mix with standing out vocals.

This album also includes acoustic versions of “Losing You” and “Promise Me” (one of my favorite), now with Zandro, and for last they left the raw version of a new song, “More Than Yesterday”. By this preview, DEAD BY APRIL seem, indeed, stronger and we’re left with the feeling of wanting to hear the rest of the album soon.

As a final note, I would like to add that the booklet has some personal lines by Jimmie Strimell about these songs, so I strongly recommend the fans to buy the physical cd instead of its digital version on iTunes or similar sites. 

Label: Universal Music / Spinefarm Records


  1. Trapped 2011 mix
  2. Angels Of Clarity 2011 mix
  3. Stronger 2011 mix
  4. My Saviour
  5. Leaves Falling
  6. Love Like Blood
  7. Angels Of Clarity – Clown remix
  8. Losing You acoustic
  9. Promise Me acoustic
  10. More Than Yesterday demo

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