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The tour which supported the album “Beg For It” (2009) seems to have been really inspiring – HARDCORE SUPERSTAR returned home full of new ideas and “Split Your Lip” is the result.

Many times labeled as sleaze rock, many others as simply hard rock, my personal opinion is that HCSS sound is too much heavy and “dirty” to fit in any of these categories. I believe whoever came up with the expression “street metal” – drummer Adde, if I’m not mistaken – hit the bull’s eye. And more into that “street style” than ever, wanting to catch a rawer and more spontaneous sound, “Split Your Lip” was recorded in only 5 days, which means that most of the songs got ready probably on the first take.

Since their self-titled album, in 2005, that the first song has an intro which then, live, opens the concert as well. “Sadistic girls”, the first song of this new cd, also has the potential to start the show, although its intro is just a short “ruffle of drums”.

“Moonshine” was chosen for promotional single, but I prefer its B side – it’s catchier – “guestlist”, a song “dedicated” to crasher groupies. Don’t know if they’re talking in general or if they wrote it with someone specific in mind…

“Last call for alcohol” could also become a hit single, with its typicall HCSS mood. I also recommend he title-track, “won’t go to heaven” and “bully”.

The ballad, “here comes that sick bitch”, is totally acoustic this time, and in the same way that “mother’s love” was something completely different on the album “Thank You For Letting Us Be Ourselves” (2001), also the last track, “run to your mama”, will surprise most of the listeners.

Released in the end of November, it took little more than a month to convince Sweden Rock Magazin, which considered it the 5th album of the year 2010. Me, I was convinced on the very first days.

Label: Nuclear Blast / Gain Music

Producer: Tobias Lindell


  1. Sadistic girls
  2. Guestlist
  3. Last call for alcohol
  4. Split your lip
  5. Moonshine
  6. Here comes that sick bitch
  7. What did I do
  8. Bully
  9. Won’t go to heaven
  10. Honeymoon
  11. Run to your mama


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