Berço Fest / “Bloodline” release party @ Trovadores do Cano, 2011/01/07

Third edition of Berço Fest was my first gig of 2011. Was more than happy, since last year my first was only in February. Plus, my dear friends THE RANSACK were releasing their 3rd album “Bloodline” and giving it for free at the door. How cool is that?!

We were told the fest would start at 10p.m., although the flyers said 9:30. And for once, the flyers were right! We got there almost in the end of DAMAGE MY GOD gig 😦 There were two single spotlights – one by the drumkit, the other on the right side (?) of the ceiling, and the light they were sending was as strong as candlelights. So I put away my camera and was determined not to use it. But since it was such an important date for THE RANSACK, I took a few sleazy shots and photoshopped them. Nothing personal to the other bands, honest.

So the little I saw of DAMAGE MY GOD sounded cool, but there was still very few people and the mosh pit was nonexistent. Better luck next time.

Then it was ASHES REBORN. Although a bit more extreme than what I usually listen to, I really enjoyed their show! I was really upset for not having decent conditions to photograph. Bassist Luís Lisboa (also singer in HACKSAW) would look really cool with his poses 😀

THE FALL OF MEN. At first sounded really good and as they have many fans, the moshing finally exploded. But around the third song I got tired of so many screams. Plus the sound wasn’t really the best, which hurt my ears even more. Good live band, but not for me.

Then another band friend of mine, THE ENDGATE. Good as always. Really sorry for not shooting you this time, boys.

And finally THE RANSACK. I ventured myself up front but stayed only long enough for a few shots. Songs of the new album, classics, wall of death, constant mosh… yep, same ol’ good death metal ala THE RANSACK 😉 REVOLUTION WITHIN-Raça got on stage to sing one song, and EQUALEFT-Miguel, on his way to the bathroom, took a shortcut through the stage and growled a bit as well… Then he started a small riot in the front rows, so the people would pick singer/guitarrist Shore and take him crowdsurfing. Cool 🙂

About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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2 Responses to Berço Fest / “Bloodline” release party @ Trovadores do Cano, 2011/01/07

  1. Maglor says:

    Yes, lights were non-existent, but nonetheless your photos of the event ROCK!!! Now, about the show itself, nice memoirs. The shows I enjoyed most were Damage My God, The Fall of Men and The Ransack.

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