HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL @ Invicta X-Massacre, 2010/12/25

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t3997-2010-12-25-invicta-x-massacre-ii-hard-club

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL’s usual intro of a woman screaming desperately was overleapt by WHAM!’s “last Christmas”. And then it was the same brutality as always. I didn’t stay until the end. In fact, I left shortly after the second song. But I know they were going to play a wide setlist which included oldies, to which they had former members to guest on stage and everything. And I did see ex-guitarrist Nuno and ex-vocalist Ricardo there. For the little I saw and for what I was told later, it was a great show.


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