PITCH BLACK @ Invicta X-Massacre, 2010/12/25

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t3997-2010-12-25-invicta-x-massacre-ii-hard-club

Before PITCH BLACK concert started, it was projected on the background of the stage the trailer of a documentary about the band, directed by Ricardo Sousa (most known as Cacildo). This trailer shows bits of concerts, opinions by fans, colleagues of other bands (national and international) and members of PITCH BLACK themselves. It ends with Álvaro saying something like “and 15 years later we’re still here… in poverty”. :D

15th anniversary (happy birthday was sung, obviously) and 15th time playing at Hard Club. It was also the last concert of the Hate Tour so Tiago asked the audience for their best, as he wanted to take a good memory with him. The crowd attended the request, even making a wall of death, which Álvaro joked with saying there were no walls of death in thrash metal.

They played “no justice, no peace”, one of the oldest tracks that I couldn’t even remember when I’d last seen it played live. Álvaro dedicated it to WEB-Victor, since apparently he “fucked their heads up so much” so they would play it. Another novelty (for me, at least, as I couldn’t go to the Winter Fest) was OBITUARY’s cover “threatening skies”. The fans screaming the chorus of songs as “divine not human” or “standards of perfection”, and Tiago stagediving on one of the last tracks, now that is no news. As Álvaro said, “E viva o Porto, caralho!” (more or less “Hail Porto, motherfucker!”)


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