WEB @ Invicta X-Massacre, 2010/12/25

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t3997-2010-12-25-invicta-x-massacre-ii-hard-club

Away from the stages since March, in order to record the successor of “World Wide Web” and also because guitarrist Filipe is currently studying and living in Madrid, this gig was the mandatory exception to that hiatus. “Deviance” will be released on March 19th and the single “Awake” is already playing on the band’s official site (www.webthrashmetal.com) and MySpace. Nando’s voice seems stronger and more confident, and the music in general sounds more melodic and, at the same time, heavier. I believe the accurate term would be “more mature”, but given the almost 25 years of this band, one could think I was joking.

The gig ended with “If Only There Was Light”, as the audience predicted.


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