EQUALEFT @ Invicta X-Massacre, 2010/12/25

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t3997-2010-12-25-invicta-x-massacre-ii-hard-club

Last year’s edition of Invicta X-Massacre had such an impact that many people stood at the door, since it was sold out. This year the event took place at Hard Club’s Sala 2 and everybody got in.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL celebrated their first Scandinavian tour and their appearance in the (horror, of course) movie, “The Grove”. PITCH BLACK completed 15 years in “putting the ‘h’ in thrash metal”. WEB introduced the single, “awake” (which was distributed for free to the first one hundred people). And EQUALEFT simply celebrated Christmas among friends.

Sala 2 is cozy, but the lights are terrible. I don’t mean just the stage lights, with all those strobes. I mean the venue itself. And since my night vision isn’t the best, I couldn’t see my watch, so I can’t tell you at what time the show started. But it wasn’t on time. In fact, not even the doors opened on time. But punctuality is for the British and this was a Portuguese fest. And the true Portuguese doesn’t follow schedules.

Marquito couldn’t be there, so it was GATES OF HELL-Afonso who sat behind EQUALEFT’s drumkit. As they recently tapped that band’s guitarrist, Filipe, for the bass, the “is-it-EQUALEF-or-GATES-OF-HELL-who’s-playing-after-all?” joke was inevitable.

Also missing was Equal, the moose mascot, and the Stormtrooper helmet that Maglor wears on “invigorate”. But the party was there from beginning to end.

The sound was also powerful and the clean voices that Miguel tried on the ep “The Truth Vnravels” echoed strong and clear, revealing all the singer’s potential. Congratulations!


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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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2 Responses to EQUALEFT @ Invicta X-Massacre, 2010/12/25

  1. Maglor says:

    Thanks once again, Pieni. Very nice pics BTW, even with the low light conditions.
    I couldn’t bring my Stormtrooper mask because a certain Moose got away with it, to do “I don’t know what”… lol


    • Pieni says:

      Nooooooooooooooooooo! My godson Equal, among Star Wars orgies?!?! I must have a serious conversation with Veggy >.<

      And thanks for the subscription ^^

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