DARK TRANQUILLITY @ Hard Club, 2010/10/03

Last year, melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY completed their 20th anniversary in being one of the pioneers of the melodic death metal genre. They embarked on a world tour to celebrate it and on October 3rd it reached my town. And how!!!

Early this year they released their 9th studio album, “we are the void”, so the “where death is most alive”-tour is also to promote that. The show was a mix of new and old songs, where the band went through all their discography. Well, almost all – they left “Skydancer” and “The Mind’s I” out of it (sorry, Chris).

Although they played in Portugal last year, at Vagos Open Air, it’d been 14 years since they’ve played in “beautiful town” (Stanne’s words) of Porto. We were all more than eager to give them a proper welcome back 🙂

The show started with “at the point of ignition”, and the next hour was filled with classics as “lost to apathy”, “Icipher”, “misery’s crown” or “haven”, before they left the stage with “punish my heaven” (this time without any false starts, ah ah). They returned for a 4-song encore which featured “final resistance”, “the sun fired blanks”, “therein” and “terminus”. Outside was stormy and raining like hell, but inside Hard Club, that was a very beautiful night 🙂


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