EYEBLAST @ Dinaamo de Panoias, 2010/10/16

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/live-music-feedback-f73/2010-10-16-dagoba-panoias-t3798.htm

» Not having been able to be at the release party of EQUALEFT’s ep, I couldn’t miss this other concert so important to the band. Also I had the chance to get to know EYEBLAST, to see COLDFEAR once again, and to finally see DAGOBA, the French band I had so much heard about but I still hadn’t been curious enough to check it out.

I took a ride with EQUALEFT to Panoias, as their photographer (thanks, guys!), so I got there really early. The French were already there and drummer Franky earned brownie points when, all smiles and without any kind of stardom, came to greet us, saying “olá” /yes, Portuguese) and introducing himself.

He got even more brownie points during the soundcheck, along basspalyer Wether and guitarplayer Izakar, when I had a small preview of what an excellent concert it surely was going to be, in terms of both music and image. The sound was blasting, but with Pedro “Grave” as technician, we couldn’t expect less.

Hours later – that we spent playing with iPod applications, telling stories, watching football and having dinner – EYEBLAST got on stage. It was a good surprise! Although I’d never heard of them, they’re not newbies – the history of this band is 11 years old, but under the name THE PISCES. A strong voice supported by another of equal strength and modern keys/synths are what stands out the most in this band from Barcelos.

www.myspace.com/eyeblast «

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