PHASE TRANSITION @ Metalpoint, 2021/07/17

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


Still placing their bets on the diversity our underground has to offer, GODARK invited another band of a different genre than theirs – this time it was progressive metal, spiced up here and there with a violin, by the feminine hands of whom also gives voice to the songs. Sofia Beco asked who was watching their first concert this year (I thought she’d ask who was watching their first PHASE TRANSITION concert – I stopped raising my arm just in time…) and counting a considerable number of people, she said it was an honor to be part of such a moment in their lives.

“Relatively Speaking” is their only release to date, a 4-track EP, so their set list wasn’t exactly long. On the other hand, in good progressive fashion, “Sand And Sea” goes on for almost thirteen minutes – when the last song was announced and someone in the crowd said “already?!”, it wasn’t that much “already” until we heard the strong final applause.

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