GODARK’s “Forward We March” release party (II) @ Metalpoint, 2021/07/17

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


Second round of GODARK‘s release party for “Forward We March” at Metalpoint. The first date was sold out and this second one followed suit – I believe who didn’t understand the reason for two gigs, two weekends in a row, now got it…

GODARK played the album in full, just like the previous week (minus the encore) but it doesn’t mean it was a Xerox of the first. In fact, there was someone screaming that it had been better (yes, many of the attendees were the same). I won’t say I agree, or that I disagree either. Whoever knows me and my “history” is well aware that, as long as I like the band, every gig isn’t just “one more”, no matter how many times I see them, whether there’s new material to listen to or not. What matters is the band’s performance and the impact it has on us – and after both the first and the second time, I’ve left Metalpoint with a full heart.

I will mention two things, though, that were clearly different (in all honesty, I should mention a third, regarding the poor lights which were on this time, but that’s just my grumpy photographer side, it’s not worth it…): a fan (not Satan) who came to the front to headbang, bringing his chair along (and eventually sitting down on it, going back to his original place some time later – I laughed so much!) and the acknowledgement of “those whose excellent work sometimes goes unnoticed”: magazines and webzines, like World Of Metal and Caminhos Metálicos’ Carlos Guimarães (who couldn’t be there this time) for advertising and covering the events. Speaking for myself and the whole team in World Of Metal, it’s a pleasure, and we’re just as thankful for the opportunity of taking part in said events (as it shows in my reviews).

Oh, and the barman! This time he also heard an official “thank you”!


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