Revisited: MIND DRILLER’s “Zirkus”

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A few months ago, MIND DRILLER released their sophomore album “Zirkus”. And even if they have stronger tracks here to name the album after, I find “Zirkus” a title more than appropriate – once you hear it, you’ll find yourself dealing with a circus of emotions. Three voices (two male and one female) singing in three languages (English, German and Spanish) is already an interesting feature, but the music itself is just as attractive. I know that “industrial” and “German” in the same sentence will automatically light a neon sign reading “RAMMSTEIN” in your head (and okay, I admit there are a few occasions when the sound is somewhat similar), but the general outcome of MIND DRILLER is more vibrant and melodic than the grinding beats of RAMMSTEIN. Like “Lüg Mich An” or “Ich Bin Anders”, with their rock-ish vibe and catchy choruses.  And MIND DRILLER are also able to seduce you into a goth/dark wave realm, through songs such as “Deadworld” and “Memories”.  Rich in details and variations, “Zirkus” is a thorough and intense album, from which I highlight “M4R10N3T4”, the aforementioned “Memories”, “Escape” and “Together (Chapter II)”.

I’m not very familiar with the Spanish industrial scene, but after listening to “Zirkus”, I dare saying that MIND DRILLER – along with KILLUS – are among the top bands that country produces within this genre.

Label: Red Mutante

Track list:

  1. MMXV
  2. Zirkus
  3. Lüg Mich An
  4. Deadworld
  5. Psycho
  6. Escape
  7. Unter Erde
  8. The Solution
  9. Thanks For Nothing
  10. M4r10n3t4
  11. Wut Und Zorn
  12. Ich Bin Anders!
  13. Together (Chapter II)
  14. Memories

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