Revisited: AS SILENCE BREAKS’ “The Architecture Of Truth”

Originally written for Destructive Music.


AS SILENCE BREAKS was a complete novelty for me, although they’ve been around for seven years and not exactly laying low. “The Architecture Of Truth” is already their second album and they’ve been touring with big names both in and out of their home country Australia. Also their Facebook page has more than 11.500 followers, so it can’t be just friends and family who clicked the “like” button. No, these five young men have something solid going on here.

Their style stands somewhere between melodic death metal and metalcore, with a handful of groovy hooks and harmonic guitar lines mingled with growls and screams. The opening track, “Litany Of Fear” has a quite doom-ish feeling hovering over it, in its beginning and choruses, but the main line is heavy and aggressive. “Decimate” is a better example of the style I’ve described before, as the metalcore in its structure is undeniable, and the guitar solo is all about melodic death metal.

Throughout the album you can hear the influence of several “big names” in the metal industry, but you can’t say that AS SILENCE BREAKS impersonated any of them – except for “Freedom”. This song could easily be an AS I LAY DYING track. But then again, the album was recorded at AS I LAY DYING frontman’s studio, so it probably can be considered just an influence as well. And it’s a very cool track, original or not.

“Biomechanical” is the most melodic song (after the instrumental “Purgatory”), which doesn’t make it a ballad of any sort. And then the next four tracks flow in the same vein as “Decimate”. “Fire Borne Chaos” tilts more to the metalcore side, and “Discord” is pure melodic death. The album ends with “Redeemer”, a song that at first sounds a bit like AMON AMARTH but then takes a twist into something other than that.

Bottom line: check t out!

Label: New Justice Records

Track list:

  1. Litany Of Fear
  2. Decimate
  3. Freedom
  4. Biomechanical
  5. Instrument Of Vengeance
  6. Purpose
  7. Transcendence
  8. The Warning
  9. Fire Borne Chaos
  10. Purgatory
  11. Discord
  12. Redeemer  /

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