EQUALEFT @ Hard Rock Cafe Porto, 2019/10/10

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


October is the international month of breast cancer awareness and Hard Rock Cafe Inc. has been promoting events all around the world for 20 years now to raise funds for this cause. The campaign is called Pinktober and EQUALEFT had the honor to be a part of it and, simultaneously, be the first metal band to perform at the Porto shop.

Scheduled for 22:00, “Fragments” echoed a few minutes past that. Despite the somewhat small size of the stage, none of the members restrained the energy they’re so popular for. In fact, I don’t recall seeing guitarist Miguel Martins so… spirited! As for the other Miguel, singer Inglês, at the risk of “killing André (his words, not mine) he just couldn’t resist to jump a couple of times. And no, none of them caused any accident.

On one of the times he addressed the audience, Inglês said he “hoped we liked it”, as they were playing a little out of their element. But the tickets had sold out, and no matter how noble the reason for this event was, I believe people left their homes on a Thursday night to see EQUALEFT more than they did out of charity. And, as always, the groove masters didn’t let anyone down.

They played almost all tracks of “We Defy” (only “Disconnected” was left out) and they went back to “Adapt & Survive” with “New False Horizons”, “Tremble” and “Hymns Of Obedience”. Or at least that was the original idea, but then again, an EQUALEFT show without “Invigorate”“Overcoming” should have been the last song, Inglês dedicating it to everyone who was battling cancer, whether in the first person or for a relative and/or friend (advising the latter to spend as much time as possible with the person afflicted with this terrible disease); but Hard Rock Cafe thought they deserved a few minutes more and so the band used them with “Invigorate”.

It’s usually Inglês who jumps into the crowd, but this time it was Malone the first stepping down the stage and playing among the fans. Soon the rest of the band followed suit – except Marco, obviously. But the drummer appears in the “family photo” that nowadays most bands take in order to share it on social media.

It was about one minute to midnight, and as André had his birthday the following day, we waited that minute to sing him “Happy Birthday”. There weren’t cookies (EQUALEFT‘s trademark), but there was cake. :D


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