THE GODIVA @ Halloween Live Music, 2019/10/31

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


On the night of October 31st, Hard Rock Cafe Porto held a “2 in 1” event: a concert in celebration of Halloween and, as we were still in the month of breast cancer awareness, it was a show simultaneously featured in the Pinktober movement.

When THE GODIVA returned to action the previous year, the spooky make-up was already part of their new image, but I don’t think they got on stage just because of a “visual match” to the night in question – and the number of people attending and their response to the show proved so.

Even if the sound was a tad too loud for such a small space, it didn’t come out distorted – a few decibels lower and it would have been perfect. On one of the times he addressed the audience, Pedro Faria revealed they were playing songs which would be featured in the upcoming album, due to be released the following year. No date or title had been disclosed, but I believe it was simply because they weren’t settled yet and not for mystery sake.

And as they played songs out of the 2007 EP “Spiral”, I’m also unsure if it will contain new versions or at least remastered ones of tracks such as “Oblivion” or “Spiral” itself. Personally, I would like that, as they are great songs which deserve a more refined production. But whatever is coming our way, judging by this gig, I’m waiting with high expectations.

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