BESTA @ Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão, 2019/07/27

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.
Originally shot for Valkyrian Music.


The third day kicked off with BESTA‘s irreverence. Even without bassist Gaza – or anyone else to replace him – they’ve brought the latest “Eterno Rancor” with the full force they’re already famous for. One could say their grindcore nature is prone to said force, but if singer Paulo Rui wasn’t as expressive as he is – I dare saying he impersonates the band’s name – the show wouldn’t have the same impact. Up to two weeks before that day, PRIMAL ATTACK were the ones supposed to be on that slot, but given their impossibility of making presence, choosing the “sons of grind” (using the title of their previous album, “Filhos do Grind”, from which they’ve also played a few songs) was 100% right.


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