FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE @ Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão, 2019/07/26

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.
Originally shot for Valkyrian Music.


Given the symphonic nature of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE‘s death metal and the Victorian apparatus of their stage clothing, “grand finale” seems like the accurate expression for their show as headliners of the second day.

Barely two months old, songs of their fifth record “Veleno” – especially “Sugar” – were well known and appreciated by the audience. And even if they failed the wall of death asked by Francesco Paoli, their joy in songs such as “The Violation”, “Cold As Perfection” or “Epilogue” was crystal clear – these Italians’ sound is aggressive, true, but the professionalism and creativity in it ends up enthralling our senses rather than making us want to jump right into a mosh pit.

It started to rain on the last song, “The Forsaking”, but we waited until the end and many lingered still to listen to what the Distortion Crew DJs had to offer.


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