OBSCURA @ Hard Club, 2019/02/12

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


Right at the end of OBSCURA‘s first song – “Emergent Evolution”Steffen Kummerer said how great it was to be back in Portugal, after all those years; judging by the smile shining on his face whenever he addressed the audience, it was more than just a cliche.

Unlike the previous bands, this OBSCURA gig/tour had the purpose of promoting their current album “Diluvium”. Or rather, deliver it live to the fans; released barely half a year prior, everyone was clearly familiar with the entire work – not just the title-track or “Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun”. Watching this kind of synergy always brings a special feeling to the whole thing.

After “An Epilogue To Infinity”, it took them so long to come back for the encore (“The Anticosmic Overload”) that those on the front rows took the chance to immortalize such synergy by stealing guitar picks which were on Kummerer‘s mic stand… Luckily, he had a few left in his pocket.



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