INFRAKTOR @ Metalpoint, 2017/02/11


Like I said three articles ago (here, to be exact), my boys and girl in INFRAKTOR made quite an impression on the RCA guys and were invited to open for them in Porto. Now I don’t know if they were nervous at RCA because it was their first gig together, or if it was the pressure of the contest; all I know is that I didn’t notice they were somewhat holding back until this new gig where they brought the house down! So much looser, so more into it… Especially Ricardo and Susana, who I don’t remember performing so ferociously (yeah, pun intended) with their previous bands PITCH BLACK and HACKSAW, respectively.

The crowd seemed to enjoy it more as well, by the look on their faces and rhythmic headbanging; they still didn’t engage in a mosh circle, which was disappointing on one hand but made grateful on another – that way I could safely shoot the gig and snap these cool pics. :D

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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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