BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA @ Canecas Bar, 2015/09/11


I knew this would be a sold-out gig and I wasn’t in the mood to fight for a good spot/angle to shoot it. But I can’t seem to be able to go to a concert without a camera anymore – something feels wrong – so the reflex stayed home, but the point-and-shoot came along.

Even though this was part of the tour in support of their latest album “Mortuário”, BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA didn’t play as many songs from that album as they did at Hard Club, in April. They did play one that they had skipped at that other gig – apparently because singer Rui Sidónio hasn’t memorized the lyrics yet. But a big fan of the band had her birthday that night, and she had insisted that the band played “Hecatombe”, so they agreed. When introducing the song Sidónio admitted he still didn’t know the lyrics, but the Northern fanclub, Escumalha do Norte (Northern Scum) had come prepared, having written the said lyrics on a big sheet of paper. Priceless! :D


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