THISHONOR @ Rock On, 2015/02/28


One of the worst lit venues I’ve ever been at! But then again, Rock On is a music store and this concert was held in its cellar, so I guess it can’t really be seen as a proper venue… Anyway, it was the debut gig of the new band of my great friend Susana :heart: and I was more than happy to be there – good light or not. Still I didn’t feel like shooting the other bands. Sorry ’bout that.

The event was a contest where the winner got to play at Casainhos Fest. My friend’s band didn’t win, which wasn’t a surprise, not just because they’re a new band (meaning not that many fans) but because Casainhos is a more metalcore-oriented festival and THISHONOR is too much death/thrash metal to fit in. (And indeed, the metalcore-ish band AS THEY COME won the prize. Congrats to them).

“Jackal Headed Man” and “Bringer Of War” were some of the songs they’ve performed, although I confess I didn’t catch the titles at the time – just saw the videos online later. :D But I did grasp that they had potential. ;) It was a very good start. Keep focus, boys & girl!

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