KORPIKLAANI @ Hard Club, 2014/12/14


Even if I find the concept quite interesting, the result of a metal version of Polka music is boring to my ears. And yes, I’m well aware that KORPIKLAANI are more than just that, but my feelings towards their sound is the same. Luckily for them, the majority of the crowd at Hard Club that night didn’t share my opinion and seemed to be having a blast, which obviously contributed to a great vibe. I was slumped in my little corner, waiting for it to be over, but saying it was a bad concert would be far from fair – it’s just a matter of taste, that’s all.

As I wasn’t there on “official business”, I didn’t pay much attention. Googling for the setlist, it appears that they played “Sahti”, from the upcoming album (May 1st) “Noita”. Strange, since the chosen song for first single – unreleased at the time – was “Lempo”. Maybe the latter is more radio-friendly and “Sahti” more suitable for playing live?

-The gig ended with the mandatory “Vodka” – even I know that one – and “Rauta”.



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